Tuesday, 29 November 2016

eResearch and the Altmetric doughnut

When looking at eResearch records, at the bottom of the page, you may notice a coloured circle with a number in the middle. This appears for papers that have a doi number and that have received attention online via social media sites, news outlets, reference management tools etc.

This is the Altmetric doughnut, and provides an indication of the online attention that a paper is receiving. To the right of the doughnut (not shown here), you can get an idea of where the paper has been mentioned and you can click on the 'View details on Altmetric's website' to see more in-depth information.

The information provided by Altmetric may be useful alongside traditional bibliometrics, and also has the advantage of appearing a lot faster than traditional publishing citations. By keeping an eye on the attention that a paper is receiving, it may also be useful for gauging the impact or potential impact that research has.

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