Thursday, 13 September 2012

Social media and research papers

With preparations for the REF underway, and lots of interest in bibliometrics and evidence of impact, it was very interesting to spot an Altmetrics app that has recently appeared in Scopus. It was launched in June, appears when a paper has been mentioned in social media sites and blogs, and when it has been looked at by people using some reference managers such as Mendeley and Cite U Like. The availability of this app in Scopus highlights the growing need for researchers not just to publish their papers in journals, but to increase awareness of these papers by blogging, tweeting etc about their work to get it out to their own research and wider communities. This will not only serve to lead to the possibility of more citations by other authors, but also potentially work towards creating the impact on further research and society that has recently come to the forefront of REF preparation and beyond.